How to Choose an Appropriate Carbon Black Packing Machine

September 21, 2019

Latest company news about How to Choose an Appropriate Carbon Black Packing Machine

How to Choose an Appropriate Carbon Black Packing Machine


Carbon black is divided into white carbon black and black carbon black. Silica, the main component of white carbon black, is a white powder or granular or irregular lump. It has high temperature resistance, non-combustion and good electrical insulation. Usually used in rubber products, agriculture, daily chemical industry, paper and other fields.


White carbon black

Black carbon black, also known as carbon black, is a very fine and fluffy light powder, usually produced by incomplete combustion or decomposition of coal, natural gas, oil and other carbon-containing substances. Black carbon black is widely used to make ink, paint, pigments, rubber additives and abrasives.


Black carbon black

In 1538, Dr. Paracels, a Swiss doctor, wrote the following sentence in Latin: ___________


Dosis facit venenum.


Translation into modern Chinese is a very popular sentence:


It's hooliganism to talk about toxicity without dose.


This format can also be borrowed in the packaging industry:


Discarding material characteristics and talking about equipment is hooliganism.


How to Choose an Appropriate Carbon Black Packaging Machine

When choosing packaging equipment, we should first analyze the characteristics of the materials to be packed, such as whether they are susceptible to moisture, number of items, density, skin contact, harmful to human body and so on. In order to select suitable packaging equipment, we must combine terminal demand, cost control and so on.


Based on the physical properties of carbon black, we usually recommend the use of ultra-fine powder packaging machine with strong airtightness.


Carbon black packing machine

Ultra-fine powder vacuum packaging machine is mainly aimed at using the pressure difference between the vacuum chamber and the feeding device to inhale the ultrafine powder into the vacuum chamber packaging bag. The packaging process is completely closed to achieve the effect of no dust around, so as to achieve the effect of zero gas in the packaging bag. It completely solves the problems of ultra-fine and ultra-light powder, such as difficult packaging, large volume and serious pollution.


This packaging machine is widely used for professional packaging of ultra-fine powders such as silica, pigmented carbon black, carbon black, nano-powder, light calcium, PVC calcium, nano-calcium, light barium sulfate, precipitated barium sulfate, ultra-fine talc powder and silicon powder.


Finally, in accordance with the usual practice, editor said more, the selection of packaging machine is a professional and complex process, which requires a detailed understanding of packaging machinery, packaging materials, packaging machine selection must choose professional, powerful enterprises! ____________ Choose quality products! If greed for cheap, ignoring the quality of products and the health of workers, it will be worthless!!



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