Jumbo Bag Unloading system/Ton bag discharging machine

December 12, 2020

Latest company news about Jumbo Bag Unloading system/Ton bag discharging machine

Jumbo Bag Unloading system/Ton bag discharging machine


Range : (500kg 1ton up to 2ton)


(One whole set system, easily making sure a steady and fluent unloading of your material)


MOQ : 1 SET,
Lead time : 75 days after we receive the deposit payment .
if need Explosion proof function, 100 days lead time.
Big bag unloader, offen calls big bag emptying system,big bag dump station ,Bulk bag unloader, Ton bag unloader,etc
· Clean and safe unloading of big bagged materials
· Powdered, granular or pelletized bagged materials and other materials
0.15 M3of standard hopper design,
Big/Bulk bag:600kg-2000kg(Other design according your requires,
and you can require us to design special unloader for your company.
big bag unloader consists of a steel frame complete with a material discharge hopper, hoist, iris valve and an upper mobile cross bar for lifting of the filled up bag by hoist into the Discharger.
Construction material: contact part materials : 304 stainless steel, other parts materials is Carbon steel,
·Available in different sizes
·Versions available:
With height adjustment for loading by forklift truck
For overhead crane loading
With monorail for installation of a hoist ο Massage paddles
Hammer Arms Mid Bag Agitators
Bag size : L1200*W1200*H1200 mm , and other size


Technical Specifications
Model No  
Lifting Weight 2T
Max Bag Size(mm) 1400L*1400W*1100H
Frame Material Stainless steel 304
Power & Output 3-phase 380V 50Hz,2.0KW
Electric Chain Block Speed

10 m/min



Our core products :
1.  (1 kg -- 25 kg -- 1000 kg weighing range)  packing scale machine. / ton bag packing machine. 95% of China white carbon blac factory use our packing machine.
2. liquid filling machine. ( 10L-1500L)
3. batching systems.
4. Automatic Palletizer Machine
5. Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine
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