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DCS-25FW 25 Kg Packing Scale Machine Industrial Scales

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DCS-25FW 25 Kg Packing Scale Machine Industrial Scales
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Product Name: 25 Kg Packing Scale Machine
Power Supply: Electric
Weighing Accuracy: Generally (+/- ) 0.2%
Origin: Suzhou
Weighing Range(kg): 25 Kg
Suite For: Non-sticky And Easy To Raise Dust Powder
High Light:

automatic bag filling machine


automatic bagging equipment

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Suzhou
Brand Name: Sanhe
Certification: ISO9001:2015, CE
Model Number: DCS-25FW
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wood Pallet
Delivery Time: 90 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 30 Sets Per Month
Product Description

DCS-25FW 25 Kg Packing Scale Machine Industrial Scales


DCS-1000 Bag Scale Automatic Packing Line Weighing Controller Filling Machine 0

DCS-25FW 25 Kg Packing Scale Machine Industrial Scales 1


Powder Open Mouth Bag Packer ( Vertical Screw Feeder Type/Vertical Screw Feeder and Bag Lifting Type) for Non-sticky and easy to raise dust Powder


Broad Category:Open Mouth Bag Packer


A. What is the 25 kg packing machine ?

It is used to transport materials (normally powder or granule ) from the silo to the packaging container, and it also has the function of weighing,


B. Discription of 25 Kg packing machine ?

Electronic quantitative packaging scale is a combination of electronic scale and automatic control. It weighs when feeding until it is close to the preset packaging value. The computer quantitative packing scale is composed of several independent weighing units with the structure of feeding and discharging. The computer quantitative packing scale is suitable for the quantitative packing of 25kg-50kg, and the electronic quantitative packing scale is widely used.


C. Application of 25Kg packing machine:

Powder quantitative packaging machine is suitable for the quantitative packaging of powder, powder and powder materials in chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products industries, such as milk powder, starch, pesticide, veterinary medicine, premix, additive, condiment, feed, enzyme preparation, etc.; powder quantitative packaging machine is a combination of machine and instrument, controlled by single chip microcomputer, with automatic quantitative, automatic filling and automatic adjustment of measurement error Etc.


D. According to the different styles of packaging bags, it can be divided into open mouth bag packing machine and valve type bag packing machine

Name: DCS-25FL/DCS-25FLS Powder Open Mouth Bag Packer ( Vertical Screw Feeder Type/Vertical Screw Feeder and Bag Lifting Type)



1.Scope of application :

1)Applicable material:

Non-sticky and easy to raise dust Powder.


2)Applicable filling containers:

Bags, Cartons, Cartones, Drums.



2. Technical parameters :

Packer Model


(Gross Weight Type)


( Vertical Screw Feeder and Bag Lifting Type)







Packing target weighing range(Kg)






Weighing accuracy







3. Functions and Characteristics  :


1) Gross wight type;

2) This packer is equipped with vertical screw feeder, the outlet of the feeder is close to the mouth of the packing bag, so the drop of the material is small and the dust produced is small when feeding into the bag;

3) The discharge port of the feeding screw is provided with a cut-off door, and the leakage of the material can be prevented after the feeding is finished;

4) The feeding speed is controlled by a frequency converter ,the feeding processes consists of fast feeding and slow feeding;

5) the bag clamping mechanism of the packaging machine can be lifted, so that the bags with different heights can be adapted, and the bag bottom filling can be realized, the dust generated during the filling is minimized, and the powder loss caused by dedusting is reduced to a maximum extent.

6) High weighing accuracy is guaranteed by the load cell and digital weighing controller;

7) Easy to operate , automatic taring , automatic filling, automatic weighing;

8) This packer has special minus error compensation function, When the packaging weight error is minus , This compensation function starts work automatically to eliminate minus error, The automatic compensation device can compensate the material automatically into the filling container till that the weighing error is in positive confine.





net weight type for granules


Gross weight type for granules


Net weight type for powder


Vertical screw type


Scope of application


Suitable materials


Granular material or powder material with fine flowability


powder material or Fine powder


powder material


Easy to bridging or raised dust of ultrafine powder


Suitable packing container


Open mouth bag, box, barrel


Open mouth bag, box, barrel


Open mouth bag, box, barrel


Open mouth bag, box, barrel


Feeding type




horizontal screw


horizontal screw


Vertical screw


Alternative feeding type




Vibrator, belt


Vibrator, belt



Technical parameters


Weighing range

1-100 10-50 10-50 1-50


Packing speed(bag/H)

300-800 100-200 100-500 100-180


Packing Accuracy


Generally (+/- )0.2% ( Note: special materials shall depend on the industrial standard )


Control function


Automatic tare


Automatic quick and slow feeding


Automatic free fall compensation


Automatic minus deviation

Automatic over weight alarms

diagnosis failure


Manual/Automatic mode conversation


Communication port


Regulatory function

Manual adjusting the height of bag

Important auxiliary function

Arch break function of hopper


Vibration at the bottom of the bag

Powder protection

Inflatable seal

Negative pressure dusting(not contain duster)

Valve for leak-proof



Safety protection

Electrostatic grounding

ionic wind remove static

when lose power

Emergency stop


Original mode


Mark: “○”is standard function;“▲”is choose function ;“×”is not has function


Main specialty

  • Scope of application: Granular material or powder material of Packing bags(boxes and pails)
  • Can be made into twin-type pakcer(except DCS-25(GO7N)和DCS-25(PO4G))
  • Can made into semi-packing and palletizing line with conveyors, sewing machine, heat sealer, fall bag conveyor, reshaping conveyor, weight checker, reject conveyor, pallet magazine, stacker.


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